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TRI-Osaka performs researches based on the needs of industry in Osaka or the industrial policy of Osaka Prefecture, and transfers the results to enterprises.

Researches are for

EPromotion of technological leveling up of regional industry.

Esolving problems of core technology of industry.

Eraising the ability of TRI-Osaka to support enterprises.

Ecreating new regional industries in Osaka Prefecture.

TRI-Osaka also works in close partnership with enterprises and/or universities through joint research programs.

Technical Support
Commissioned Research

TRI-Osaka undertakes researches requested from small to medium sized enterprises under commission.


TRI-Osaka accepts requests from enterprises for a wide variety of tests, analyses and measurements.

Facilities Services

Facilities and equipment are generally available for use. Small to medium sized enterprises can also utilize open laboratories for development of new technologies and products.

Consultation & Transfer
Technical Consultation

TRI-Osaka gives counsel or answers to inquiries on technological problems free of charge by telephone calls or by visits to the Institute.

Visiting Consultation

A visiting consultation service by research staff and/or outside expert advisors is also available.

Technology Transfer

TRI-Osaka holds

Eannual reporting session to publish results of researches.

Eforums and seminars to announce accumulated technological know-how and information(forums:1 to 2 times per month, seminars: about 10 times per year).

Technical Training

TRI-Osaka accepts trainees who wish to acquire specific technological knowledge, research know-how and the skills of operating new equipment.

Information Services
Information on TRI-Osaka

Information on TRI-Osaka, such as the results of researches and the program of seminars, is provided through the Annual Research Report, the Direct Mail service and the Internet Home Page.


The open library collects literature on science and technology, technological journals and statistical data and publications on policy as well as copies of JIS and other standards.

Database Search

Commercial on-line database services are available using JDreamU(the science & technology database)

Exchange & Collaboration
Support of Societies

TRI-Osaka supports activities of technical societies in various fields of technology to promote information exchange of technological issues.

Facilities for Cooperative Research Projects

Special Laboratories are set up for large scale research projects under cooperation with industries and universities.